Dec 31, 2008

Aden Sisters: Keep Cash and Gold

As 2008 bows and leaves the global economic stage amid the smoking debris and rubble from collapsing firms and financial corporations and as we move out there into the big unknown we call The Future, it might be in order to take along a comforting and refreshing view with us .
It springs from the latest Aden Sisters commentary at Kitco titled "The End of a Bad Year", where the following snippet comes from.


In the meantime, keep your gold and cash, which are best regardless of what happens. In this year of extreme market drops and volatility, for example, gold has held up best and it’s been the best investment. It’s also one of the most important guideposts to be watching. If gold can now stay above $857, it’ll be very bullish, strongly suggesting it’s headed higher and the above, more positive scenario will likely unfold.

Cash is important for dozens of reasons, and it’ll enable you to take advantage of the many bargains now available and during 2009 in order to add or buy new positions, especially in precious metals, stocks, currencies and most gold shares. Whatever you do, don’t sell now. We think we could soon be in for some long overdue good news."

by Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

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