Nov 4, 2007

Jim Sinclair Second Warning: Time To Protect Yourself

Dear Friends,

If you have not started to protect yourself do so on Monday please.

I am quite concerned for all of you as inertia usually prevents people from protecting themselves. I always wondered how a certain ethnic and religious persuasion could remain in Germany as Hitler was clearly coming into power. I would have been out.

Even then, many of those who remained in Germany saved a great deal of their fortunes by certifying their investment shares in international companies, then burning the paper certificates.

What I am getting at is that the signs of an international financial accident are in those incidents that have recently happened.

There is no hiding place as this is a product of the greed and avarice of the new geek kids on the block who have killed themselves, their industry and hurt everyone everywhere. I am sure that in years to come derivative traders will be seen as pariahs and criminals deserving of prison - not as the multi-millionaires they are today.

On Monday start to protect yourself to the degree it can be accomplished by removing people and institutions between you and your assets. This is the real thing. This is what was discussed in the 1970s but did not happen. It was discussed by many in 2000 but it is happening here and now. There is no functional tool to stop a derivative meltdown. It will like the grim reaper clean out many financial institutions and start a domino effect that I do not want you to be caught up in.

You understand by now that I have the wherewithal (experience/industry contacts/etc.) to know these things before others. Call it cell memory, genetics or my historic access to some of the best teachers on earth in finance, risk management and markets. It's simply ingrained in me. Truth be told, Bert Seligman, my father, knew before the market knew; Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest traders of all time, knew before the market knew. Who knows how? I generally know before the markets figure things out. I tend to know the end at the beginning. It has been so all my life. This is why I am able to do the things I do, take the risks I take, and build the companies I have built.

I want you to be safe. What can it cost you to take precautions? I believe that the cost to you is nothing. I am telling you to take less risk, not more. I know the central bankers will burn the dollar before all this comes down. What concerns me is that all this could easily get out of hand.

Operation "White Noise," is getting hair thin as more and more financial institutions fess up to their ignorant greed-driven self destruction.

Tell me if you have started. I want to get a feel for how many of our CIGAs are taking action. Drop me an email at I am not asking for a tome but simply "yes, I have started to protect myself." Help me help you by giving me a feeling for how many of you have taken action.

But first some advice:

1. What you cannot withdraw and is in cash put into short term treasury instruments. For those able, I prefer Swiss and Canadian dollar Federal T bills.

2. Convert your investment shares into paper certificates. Do not lose them!

3. Reduce personal debt for peace of mind.

4. If you have coins stored at a coin dealer take delivery of them and request prompt service.

5. If you have accounts at Internet financial entities close them and transfer the accounts to a smaller firm that can confirm in writing that they have no over the counter derivative exposure. Be sure to ask for certificates for your share investments and take delivery of them.

6. Reduce - if not eliminate - your margined position even if that means selling down to rid yourself of debt on your securities or gold assets. The swings in gold now are going to become so violent that most people will not be able to tolerate it when debt is attached to their positions.

This is a time to be conservative, not adventurous. Gold is going to range trade wildly, but it is as I see it targeted here and now for $1,050.

My greatest concern is that my longstanding price objective of $1,650 might be much too low an estimate.


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