Apr 14, 2007

Uranium Spot Price Climbs Above the $100/Lb mark

Last week witnessed a US$18 leap in the Uranium Spot price to US$113/Lb, the highest ever in the last 30 years:

This Uranium Bull Market seems to have no end in sight. Some of the contributing factors to this were examined at last week's Uranium Stock Summit in Las Vegas:
  • Saudi Peak Oil. Where a combination of data related to Saudi Arabia’s oil production like price, the number of rigs deployed in that country, and the amount of oil being produced from its wells clearly point to exhaustion. Given that oil prices are hovering around historic highs (the incentive), and (B) the Saudis are clearly looking to take advantage (demonstrated by the number of rigs now set to the task of finding more oil), then (C) the only logical reason that oil production is plummeting is that Saudi Arabia has peaked.

  • Saudi peak oil is -of course- just the tip of the "oilberg". Other producers are sure to follow suit.
  • Nuclear Power comeback. Nuclear power is no longer an option, but a prerequisite, but the problem is that in order to replace the looming energy shortfall, the world would need another 10000 nuclear reactors, whereas only 100 are now in planning or construction!

So there you are, but before committing your hard earned cash buying Uranium stocks, please.. D.Y.O.D.D.

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