Apr 1, 2007


Announcing Session Two
at the Martineum Academy in Hungary
August 15-29, 2007
March 31, 2007

Session Two of Gold Standard University is announced for the period August 15-29, 2007 at the Martineum Academy in Szombathely, Hungary. The session is in two parts: the first week is taken up by the academic program, followed by an optional second week of recreation and sight-seeing.
Martineum offers full retreat-style accommodation and meal services in a nice quiet setting at modest prices in a former Carmelite cloister.

The academic program of Gold Standard University is based on a four-course curriculum, each course consisting of 13 one-our lectures with discussion, as follows:
Monetary Economics 101: The Real Bills Doctrine of Adam Smith
Monetary Economics 102: Gold and Interest
Monetary Economics 201: The Bill Market and the Discount Rate
Monetary Economics 202: The Bond Market and the Rate of Interest

Session Two offers Monetary Economics 102. At the successful completion of the four courses participants receive a certificate. Accreditation from the Hungarian Board of Higher Adult Education has been applied for. In addition to course offering, private or group consulting is available for extra charge during Session Two, as well as at other times by appointment. The fee for private or group consulting is $250 per hour, minimum of one hour, exclusive of room and meal charges.

A special feature of Session Two, included in the academic program, is a blue-ribbon panel discussion on gold and silver basis with the title: The Last Contango | The First Sign of Disintegration of the International Monetary System. Please note that this is a world premier, since results of research on the gold and silver basis have never been offered to the public before and, in so far as it was available could only be obtained at exorbitant private consulting fees.

The tuition fee for Session Two, for the first week of the academic program, excluding travel, but including room and breakfast for one week, is $1000 U.S. per person. Other meals are available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. There is a non-refundable pre-registration fee of $250 that will be credited towards the tuition fee at the time of registration. Charges for the second optional week will be made at a rate to be determined in the near future.

Gold Standard University was started on the Internet by Antal E. Fekete, Professor Emeritus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, in the Summer of 2002. Now it continues live. The host institute is MARTINEUM ACADEMY, an Institute of Higher Adult Education located in the city of Szombathely, Hungary, see http://www.martineum.hu.
Szombathely is the capital city of Vas County in Western Hungary. If you would like to learn more about that part of the country, please look up http://www.vasmegye.hu where you will find well-written and well-illustrated information in English on the local population, culture, history, economy, and geography.

Recreational activities during, before or after Session Two are available through the courtesy of Martineum, which has a competent staff to help you plan your holiday around the academic program. Spouses, friends, and children are welcome at no extra charge, provided that they do not occupy a separate room, and do not wish to participate in the academic program. There are some famous spas in Hungary and Austria near Szombathely with therapeutic mineral hot water springs. There are also riding schools, archery, and many other recreational possibilities. Several museums offer interesting displays on local history, geography, and folklore.

During the last week of August the city of Szombathely is offering its Europe-famous annual Savaria Carneval, to recreate Roman times of two thousand years ago when Szombathely, then called Savaria, was already a major garrison town protecting the Roman province of Pannonia. The Carneval features Roman costumes, Roman cuisine, Roman plays, games, and other sport events. Martineum will be glad to get tickets for the various events of the Carneval and to organize transportation for the participants of the Gold Standard University. Up-to-date information on Savaria Carneval 2007 is available on the Internet: http://www.szombathely.hu

For further information on Session Two of Gold Standard University, please contact: GSUL@tonline.hu

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