Mar 24, 2007

Gold Eagle's Vronsky: "I am biased, but..."

Gold Eagle's co-editor Vronsky is no word mincer, and laconically shows with the aid of a graph the way to go for investors who wish to be on the safe side of this bubbly stock market:

"...To be sure, I AM BIASED. But my bias is predicated on many years of study, experience and recent investment history, which teach me that it behooves all investors to have a significant amount of their total net worth in some form of precious metals (ie bullion, select gold and silver stocks and/or precious metal coins). The chart below should convince all but financial masochists and the clinically retarded where the best return might be obtained going forward. It demonstrates 6-year comparative performance of HUI (+731%), SILVER (+190%), GOLD(+144%), DOW (+16%) & NASDAQ (-23%). It is almost axiomatic to observe, WALL STREET STOCKS AIN'T CUTTING THE MUSTARD !!

click to enlarge
Not to comprehend the awesome and illuminating ramifications of the above chart may prove to be hazardous to your financial health…as HUI (gold and silver equities) leaves the rest dead in the water.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, WHO is the fairest of them all? Yesterday, today and the foreseeable tomorrows!..."

Please click HERE for the whole article.

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