Oct 25, 2008

Gene Arensberg: Bring the bullion banks down - take metal off Comex

'Think the futures price of metals is too low? The Got Gold Report reports on how to buy and actually take delivery of gold and silver metal from the futures markets that have savaged the price of them so much. If the COMEX is determined to under price its physical metal, then they ought not to mind seeing it leave their warehouse for the popular physical market'.

In his new "Got Gold Report" at Resource Investor, Gene Arensberg goes to war against the big gold and silver shorts on the commodities exchanges. He writes:

"If the two or three big U.S. banks that have savaged the gold and silver markets on the Comex with an avalanche of short sales since July have so little respect for gold and silver that they are willing to sell them down into oblivion -- when there is a raging shortage of metal in the real bullion marketplace -- then shouldn't some of us take them up on it?

"In other words, if the Comex doesn't respect the real physical market for gold and silver, shouldn't we remove the metal from them and send it into the physical market that does respect it? This report says yes, certainly we should. They are figuratively begging us to.

And then Arensberg explains how it can be done, with the help of Tony Klancic, senior account executive at commodities trading house Lind-Waldock in Chicago.

Arensberg's "Got Gold Report" is headlined "How to Buy Physical Gold and Silver on the Comex" and you can find it at Resource Investor HERE

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