Aug 14, 2008

The Mogambo Guru latest Market ramblings...

... "Even Chris Powell, of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, agrees with me and says, in a pithy phrase that should congeal your blood at the tragic implications, "There are no markets anymore…only interventions."

Ed Steer of Casey Research tells me that we are not alone, and presents a commentary by Peter Degraaf and posted at Bill Murphy's, who "doesn't mind admitting that (technical analysis) is pretty useless in the face of this kind of intervention."

What kind of intervention? How about foreign central banks suddenly plowing a staggering $28 billion into buying U.S. debt last week, and stuffing the enormous haul of government and agency debt into their accounts at the Fed itself, taking their total ownership of government and agency debt to $2.4 trillion! At a lousy 5% interest, this is $120 billion in cash that we are shipping out of the country per year to these guys, just in interest payments!

And why are these foreigners doing this? James Turk at explains "When central banks intervene in the currency markets, they exchange their currency for dollars. Central banks then use the dollars they acquire to buy US government debt instruments so that they can earn interest on their money. The debt instruments central banks acquire are held in custody for them at the Federal Reserve, which reports this amount weekly."

This would, then, explain why the dollar shot up last week, out of nowhere, for no reason that I can think of other than that all the alternative currencies suck even worse! Hahaha! What a world!

Aside from the stock and bond markets, Mr. Degraaf says that even "Gold closed just above the $850 support line during a washout caused by the performance of a US dollar that defies belief. Without any improvement in fundamentals, the dollar rose 132 points today. The largest gain in years! Despite a banking crisis, low interest rates, huge deficits, money supply running in double digits, housing sector in shambles, the US dollar has now risen 8 out of the last 9 days. Someone please convince me that this is not rigged. Meanwhile at $855.00 the gold price is back at $323.00 expressed in 1980 dollars!"

And it is not just gold acting weird and grossly under-priced, but silver, too, as Mr. Steer notes that "Ted Butler also mentioned yesterday that silver…by any measurement…is the most oversold it's ever been in its history." In history!

My mind screams, "It's the time to buy!" And I would, too, but I went to the kids' piggy banks this morning and there is nothing in them except useless scraps of paper that say "IOU $5. Love, Dad."

They are not going to be happy when I explain to them that we are both victims, as I have no money either, just like them, and similarly because the Social Security Trust Fund is holding my "money" in the form of IOUs, whereas at least I said "love" at the end, which is a hell of a lot more than the spendthrift, bankrupting government ever did for me! The bastards!"

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