Jul 5, 2008

Harry Schultz: ...Batten down the Hatches!

"As warned for many months a major global upheaval is in progress spurred by the one-two punch of runaway inflation & a collapse of the derivatives/credit markets which will affect everyone.

Many banks are at risk. Investors who continue to procrastinate or wait optimistically for storm clouds to dissipate, will in the main, see their assets deflate radically & at best risk losing much or most of their net buying power &/or capital.

If not already done, we urge that you immediately reduce financial risk via 3 basic steps: exit the US$ (or hedge exposure to US$ assets of any kind via futures short selling &/or bank forward contracts), place approximately 1/2 of your assts into a mix of 90-day to 2-year govt bills/bonds (Swiss govt paper preferred, but any non-US$ 1st world govt paper OK), place almost 1/2 of your assets in gold (via a basket of gold futures &/or quality gold shares, with at least 15% in physical gold bars or coins). A small position in oil/food/commod stocks & special situations is justified.

Good luck to us all,

Uncle Harry and team"



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