Jul 31, 2007

Captain Hook: Canadian Junior Mining Shares Ripe For The Picking

Canadian Junior Mining Shares Ripe For The Picking

by Captain Hook

The opportunities in Canadian junior mining shares has never been better. And now is the time to get in before prices skyrocket higher in my opinion. As mentioned the other day in pointing out the precious metals sector is turning higher, when the Canadian $ heads over parity against the Greenback, American investors will be looking for a home for excess cash they wish to hold in Loonies. And as they work their way down the food chain, eventually they will arrive at junior mining shares, a group that has been all but forgotten by the institutional types because either company or trading characteristics don't meet desired models at this time.
That is to say the shares are in the pennies, generally illiquid, and have been heading in the wrong direction (down) for some time now, a characteristic set definitely outside of the desired formula most momentum chasing behemoths (hedge funds) are chasing these days...

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