Jan 14, 2007

Special Report: In search of Odysseus's Ithaca

Here's a (non-economic) newsworthy item from UK's Channel Four.

A British businessman is trying to prove the birthplace of Odysseus really does exist.

Compelling new evidence announced today about the location of Homer's Ithaca

  • New scientific evidence closes in on western Kefallinia as Homer’s Ithaca
  • Catastrophic rockfalls and landslides triggered by earthquakes believed to have filled in ancient sea channel and created a landlocked isthmus
  • 122 metre (400 foot) borehole at isthmus meets no solid limestone bedrock
  • Greek Geological Institute survey pinpoints submerged marine valley
  • Bulgarian scientists locate microscopic marine fossils caught up in the rockfall
  • American ground-penetrating radar confirms channel contours
  • Ancient roads interrupted by landslides still visible on the surface
  • Detailed scientific findings and supporting photographs provided
  • Channel 4 News film update broadcast at 19:43 GMT on Jan. 9
(read the Press Release - requires Adobe Acrobat reader)


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