Aug 7, 2010

Gold council CEO helps The Economist put investors to sleep

Aram Shishmanian, the CEO of the World Gold Council speaks to Economist on gold's purpose, market volatility and the dynamics of demand in China and India. He remarked that Indian women hold twice as much gold as the tonnage reported held by the U.S. Treasury Department. Shishmanian added that Indian women don't sell their gold, though maybe the WGC will contrive a scheme through which they can lease it to the exchange-traded fund GLD. 
The Economist's interview with Shishmanian may be most remarkable for avoiding discussion of currency market issues even as the currency markets are cracking under the strains of national insolvency and market intervention. With industry leadership like this, gold's triumph over the crookedness of the central banking system is assured in about a thousand yearzzzzz....

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