Feb 17, 2009

The CFTC Appreciation Medallion

This is from an excellent idea presented to Jason Hommel for the production of a new one ounce silver round. It can only be described as really "very fitting"...

"CFTC Appreciation Medallion.

Let us pause and give thanks to the CFTC for willfully refusing to recognize or end the low silver price manipulation of futures contract prices by several large banks that have sold short silver positions that far exceed all historic norms of position limits and concentration limits on the short side of the market.
The CFTC has all the data on who is manipulating. They know the names of the large banks who have such concentrated positions, and several writers in the private sector have fingered J.P. Morgan, but the official "investigation" lingers for months, if not years now, but that's not important.
What's important is that we show our thanks and appreciation for such criminal neglect in high places by buying the silver while it remains available. Also, why not immortalize such bold incompetence, ironically, in the very silver that they despise, for future generations so that they can understand our angst at this peculiar time in history, because otherwise, future generations would never believe it.
I really don't expect the CFTC to pull their head out

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