Sep 6, 2007

Can the “Bernanke Put” Lift Gold Higher?

Can the “Bernanke Put” Lift Gold Higher?

By Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends
“I only know of two men who really understand the true value of gold, an obscure clerk in the basement vault of the Banque de Paris and one of the directors of the Bank of England. Unfortunately, they disagree,” remarked Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the former owner and operator of England’s Royal Mint Refinery, and the primary gold agent to the Bank of England in the early 1800’s.

When the Bank of England’s gold reserve was drained by the costs of the Napoleonic wars, down to 235,000 ounces (£1 million) against note issue liabilities of £15.5 million, it was Nathan who sent secret shipments of gold and silver to Wellington’s army in Europe and financed the defeat of Napoleon. In 1825, it was Nathan who rescued the Bank of England and prevented the collapse of the entire British banking system, after a run on gold caused the collapse of 145 banks....

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