May 18, 2007

Jason Hommel: Fraud vs. Truth

Silver Stock Report
by Jason Hommel, May 17, 2007

Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System.

  • 1. The dollar is a broken contract to repay with gold or silver.

  • 2. Unrestrained creation of money increases an already unpayable debt to the public.

  • 3. Banks don’t possess the fraudulent paper money they say is in your accounts.

  • 4. The FDIC is a lie; they don’t have the money to cover the accounts either.

  • 5. The central banks only possess half the gold they say they do, the rest is leased out.

  • 6. Bonds are a paper promise to pay more fraudulent paper promises.

  • 7. Inflation indexed bonds adjust by using a false rate much lower that the real rate.

  • 8. More futures contracts are sold, than silver or gold exists.

  • 9. Options are a bad gamble on leveraged futures, and most expire worthless.

  • 10. Position limits on longs attempt to control the market by limiting buyers' purchases.

  • 11. COMEX silver delivery delays are market defaults.

  • 12. Bank hold times on checks defraud you of access to your money.

  • 13. Legal tender laws prevent people from using gold and silver as money.

  • 14. Taxes on gold and silver purchases are illegal since it is only one tender for another.

  • 15. Income tax was to be temporary from WWII; it's fraudulent and unconstitutional.

  • 16. The social security system, medicaid, and medicare is a pyramid scheme and will collapse.

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