Mar 3, 2007

Off Topic: total lunar eclipse tonight...

Total Lunar Eclipse - 3rd March 2007

A total lunar eclipse takes place on 3rd March 2007. All six hours and five minutes of the event, from its first to its last penumbral stage, will be visible in its entirety from all parts of the UK, Europe and Africa. The Moon will appear to rise already eclipsed from all parts of the Americas, with the exception of Alaska, while the Moon will set during the eclipse from most of Asia, India, the far east and western parts of Australia.

The Moon clips through the northern part of the Earth's shadow, giving an umbral magnitude of 1.233 and a totality lasting an hour and thirteen minutes. At mid-eclipse the Moon will be 42° high in the 'underbelly' of Leo.

P1First penumbral contact20h 18m 11s UTC
U1First umbral contact21h 30m 22s UTC
U2Totality begins22h 44m 13s UTC

Maximum eclipse23h 20m 56s UTC
U3Totality ends23h 57m 37s UTC
U4Last umbral contact01h 11m 28s UTC
P4Last penumbral contact02h 23m 44s UTC

You can watch it all (clouds permitting) HERE


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